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 Thank you for considering our property for your next home.  The following information is to assist you in the application
process and make it go as smooth as possible. This application must be filled out
COMPLETELY before it will be processed.
 Giving incorrect or incomplete information on this application will be reason for denial.  

To apply under your own credit the following information is required.  All will be verified.

1.    Name, address, and phone number of unrelated current landlord.  If you do not have a rental history with a landlord who
is not related to you, an additional credit reference with a six month payment history is required.

2.    A credit report will be obtained from Equifax Credit Information Services.  If no credit has been established, two credit
references for each applicant must be included.  These cannot be  relatives or other individuals, but must be verifiable
businesses.  Credit references must have a minimum six month payment history and payments must be more than $50.00 per
month on each account.  Credit accounts that are paid out can be used if last payment was made within three months.
Utilities can only be used if you obtain a credit letter from them.  If bankruptcy has  been declared in the last 7 years, proof
must be presented that credit has been reestablished.

3.    Verifiable employment history of at least six months.  Please include a copy of your most recent paycheck.

4.    Gross weekly income must equal the monthly rent, bi-weekly income must equal twice the rent, or monthly incom must
equal four times the rent.  Income must be stable and there must be a reasonable expectation that it will continue during the
course of the lease.

Because of their limited resources and credit history, we allow students to use parental consent forms to qualify for an
apartment.  To be eligible to use a parental consent form, you MUST be a full-time student and provide proof of enrollment.  
Students are welcome to qualify on their own merits under the above qualifications.  Parental Consent forms should be
completed, notarized, and returned with the application and application fee.

*        We have a NO PET POLICY.  If you have a pet on the grounds or in the apartment at any time, even temporarily, you
will immediately forfeit your security deposit and may be asked to move.  In this event, the full penalties for breaking the
lease would be in effect.

*        A $25.00 non-refundable application fee is due when application is submitted. Once an application is approved and a
deposit accepted, a specific apartment is being reserved for you and you have entered an agreement to lease from us.  After
deposit is accepted by management, the deposit is nonrefundable after three working days until end of lease term.

*        It usually takes approximately 1-5 days to check references on applications.  However, some references require
written requests for information.  In that case, we must wait for a response from that reference.

*        Please be sure to leave a daytime phone number where you may be reached.

                                               I have read and understand the above information.

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