Thank you for considering our properties for your next
home. The following information is to assist you in the
application process and to make the process as
smooth as possible.  If you live outside of the Athens,
GA area and wish to mail us your application please be
sure to note on your application your desired move-in
date, price range, and floor plan.

The following information is required. All information
will be verified.

*Name, address, and phone number of unrelated
applicants, current and immediate previous landlord
for each applicant.

*We will obtain a credit report from the Equifax Credit
Information Services. If no credit has been
established, two credit references must be obtained.
These cannot be relatives or other individuals, but a
verifiable business.  The account must have a
minimum six month payment history and the last
payment must have been made within 3 months.
Utilities can only be used if you obtain a credit letter
from them. If bankruptcy has been declared in the past
7 years, proof must be presented that credit has been

*Verifiable employment history of at least six months.

*Gross weekly income must equal the monthly rent.
Income must be stable and there must be a reasonable
expectation that it will continue during the course of
the lease.  

*Because of their limited resources and credit history,
we allow FULL-TIME STUDENTS to use a
Consent Form to qualify for an apartment. To be
eligible to use a parental consent form, you MUST be a
full time student and provide proof of enrollment.
Students are welcome to fill out our application and
qualify on their own merits. Parental Consent forms
should be completed and returned with the application
and application fee.  
Please contact us and
assist you with your
rental needs:
Lane Properties
575 Gaines School Road
Athens, Georgia 30605

Office Hours
Monday - Friday
9 AM - 3P M
Phone: 706-353-8478
Fax: 706-353-3532

Application for Rental
Lane Properties 575 Gaines School Road Athens, Georgia 30605

Phone: 706-353-8478 Fax: 706-353-3532

Located Off Lexington Rd before
Super WalMart
1, 2, & 3 Bedrm Townhouses
Located off Gaines School Rd and
Springtree Rd
2 Bedrm Duplexes
Brighton Park
Cabin Lane Estates
Cedar Village
Located off Gaines School Rd and
Springtree Rd
2 Bedrm Duplexes
Seagraves Drive
Located off Lexington Rd Near
ACC Police Dept
2 Bedrm Duplexes
Located off Lexington Rd at
Seagraves Dr
1 Bedrms